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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

We are saddened to hear that Jerome Washburn has passed away. Please visit the Completed Careers page for the details.

Jennie Stone received her 25,000 Doubles pin from Pete Walker at the 2022 Heartland Grand.

David Smith, Bemidji, recieved his 50,000 Doubles pin from Pete Walker at the 2022 Heartland Grand.
John Haverly received his 27 yd. punch/pin at the 2022 MN State Shoot.

Kallista Roers the FIRST Lady to win the MTA State Shoot Handicap Championship.

Dean and Pete Walker. Father and Son All Americans.
Louie Kosiba, Dick Berger and Jeff Hoppes.

NEW! – Blasts From The Past

MTA members and guests, here you will find photo’s, articles, programs and artifacts from day’s past in the Trapshooting World. There will be no rhyme or rythem so check back often for new/old items. Enjoy!

2023 ATA All American Team

Congratulations Minnesotans

2023 MN  Shooters that made the ATA All American Team

Eric Munson Open Second Team
Peter Walker Open Second Team
Leo Brand Junior First Team
Abigail Malecha Junior Second Team
Jack Knaus Junior Gold First Team
George Pappas Sub Veteran First Team
Troy Haverly Sub Veteran Second Team
Dean Neumann Veteran First Team
Randy Cook Senior Vet First Team
Scott Messenger Senior Vet Second Team
Curtis Peterson Senior Vet Second Team

Full 2023 ATA All-American Teams List 

Minnesota Trapshooting Association

All State Teams

Congratulations to the 2022 State Team Members

The Minnesota State Teams is the in state equivalent to the ATA All American Teams. The MN State Teams are comprised of the Top Shooters in their respective categories and in most cases it is your overall average of Singles, Handicap and Doubles.

2022 MTA All State Team List

2023 MTA All State Team Requirements

MTA Statewide Events Calendar

Locally Scheduled Events

2023 MTA Shoot Dates and Registered Shoots

Jackpot Trap Shoots

Minneapolis Gun Club will start their Jackpot Trap Season October 1st and run through April. Shooting every Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM if needed.
Check the MGC website for details »

Buffalo Gun Club is shooting Jackpot Trap every Sunday from 10 AM to 2 PM.
Check club website for details »

DelTone Shooting Range will start their Jackpot Trap every other Saturday starting in November.
Check club website for details »

Association Area Clubs
Finding a local club in your area is paramount in helping you learn and grow in the sport of trapshooting. Here is a list of the various clubs in the Minnesota Trapshooting Association.  FIND A LOCAL CLUB.  Download our FREE MTA Wallet Card.
Club & Special Events
We have a calendar for the various club events that are scheduled throughout the state.  The calendar should provide you with the event details, location, fees, registration, and fees as they are available. SEE CLUB CALENDAR
2022 State Shoot Information
We are ready to get the season started.  We will post event results and much more as the season progresses.  For camping and vendor information contact Cindy Townsend at 320-763-5315. So check back and check back often!


2022 Hall Of Fame Inductees

Nominations are due by November 1st.

This year’s inductee’s are very deserving for their many years of service and dedication to the MTA Association. Be sure to reach out and congratulate our newest member’s of the MTA Hall of Fame!


MTA Hot Shots
See some of our association’s top shooters and their accomplishments on this page. Many of them you may already know. Isn’t it time to add your name to the list!  MORE INFORMATION
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Grand American Hot Shots
The Grand American World Trapshooting Championships, annually held in Sparta, IL at the World Shooting & Recreational Complex, is the largest shooting event of its kind.
Shooting Event Promotion
Is your Club organizing, planning, or has a scheduled MTA event soon? We want to help you promote it!  DOWNLOAD THE EVENT FORM and we will add it to our Events page
Pre-Squad Shoot Events
Pre-squad events will open for the MN State Shoot May 1st at 8AM.
Just A Few Of Our

Featured Members

Do you have a special team member or even a team in your area you would like to feature?
Send a great photo and a story and, who knows, it just might appear here!

Leo Brand

2022 State Singles Champion

Kallista Roers

2022 State Handicap Champion

Gunnar Gens

2022 State Doubles Champion

John Kelly

2022 State HOA Champion

Nick Kubasch

2022 State HAA Champion

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