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Grand American HOT SHOTS

Tony Brand at the 2022 Grand American Handicap accomplished 2/3ds of his Grand Slam during Grand week by posting 200 Straight in the Winchester AA Singles Class Championships and 100 Straight in the Wenig Doubles Class Championship. Way to go Tony!!!

There were 3119 total shooters classified with 90 Minnesotans at the 2021 Grand.

Minnesota came in 2nd in the State Team Race with a 994, 1st was Ohio with a 997. The MN State Team Members were:

Jack Knaus……..200
John Kelly………199
Nick Kubasch…199
Hunter Brown..198
Ben Dietz………198

 Dean Neumann, Jack Knauss, Hunter Brown and Dean Walker.

Christopher Munson and Ali Peterson.

Pete Walker shot back to back 99’s at the 2021 Grand American.

Troy Haverly shot 100 STRAIGHT from the 27 yd. line at the 2021 Grand American and completed his GRAND SLAM.

Tony Brand took 2nd place in the Grand American Handicap posting a 98 and going 3 boxes in a shoot off and making it to the 27 Yard Line for the First time. 

Abby Malecha who just started shooting May 9th, 2021 won multiple trophies at her FIRST Grand American.

Grand American thunderstorm.

Grand American 2021 Hot Shots

Miranda Klassen shot her FIRST 100 STRAIGHT in Doubles at the GAH shoot

A.J. Klassen made it to the 27 yard line at the GAH shoot by posting a 96 in Event 16.

Leo Brand shot his FIRST 100 STRAIGHT in Doubles at the GAH shoot.

Dean Walker WON the  Fiocchi Vintage Shoot at the GAH shoot.

Brody Padgett shot his First 100 Straight in Doubles in the Doubles Championship at the Grand American.

In Event 19 Handicap Bernie Merchlewitz, Eric Munson and Jack Knaus all posted 99’s.

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