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MTA 2021 Hot Shots

 Curt Peterson lone 98 in Handicap Casa Grande Pre Spring Grand.

 Scott Messenger Lone 200 in Singles Silver Dollar Bill Jacobsen Memorial.

 Derek Fischer High Handicap 95 Spring Grand…Three-way tie.

 Pete Walker one of three 200 Singles Spring Grand.

 Ali Jean Peterson Lady 1 Champion Spring Grand Event 22

 Rod Tolman multiple Chair Class Winner Spring Grand

 Scott Steffen R/U SuV Handicap Championship 2021 Spring Grand

 George Pappas SuV Champion Silver Dollar Open Preliminary Singles


MTA 2019 Hot Shots

 Randy Cook of Deer River, Minnesota won the Western Grand Handicap Championship in Vernal, UT on June 9th, 2019.
Shooting 98×100 (27 yards) and winning shoot-off.

 Ben Dietz for the 2nd year in a row takes HAA at the MN State Shoot and wins the Singles Championship.

 Jack Knaus wind the Doubles Championship.

 Jake Mader wins the Handicap Championship.

 Two Jr. Shooters and 1 JRG Shooter win the 3 Championship Events. Jack, Ben & Jake.

 Joel Johnson breaks 100 straight in Singles for the first time at the SD State Shoot in Mitchell SD.

 John Kelly wins the 27 yd. Diamond Badge with a 50 straight.

 Bernie Merchlewitz breaks 100 straight from the 27 yd. line at the MN State Shoot.

 Scott Gens breaks 100 straight in Singles, Doubles and Handicap on the same day at the Nebraska State Shoot.

 Catie Amey shot her FIRST 100 Straight at the Grand American Trapshoot.

 Ben Dietz took HAA at the Heartland Grand with a 394 X 400.

 Jeff Rempel, attending his first Grand American posted a 99 in the Grand American Handicap and placed fourth, besting 1996 other shooters.

 Ron Miller was Handicap Champion at the Nevada State Shoot

 Ben Dietz earned his AAA 27 AAA pin.

 John J Kelly earned his AA 27 AA pin.

 Lou Kosiba earned his 100,000 Singles award and his 75,000 Handicap award.

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