Minnesota Trapshooting Association




Randy Cook achieved GRAND SLAM by shooting 100 Straight at the Wisconsin State Shoot.

Scott Arvig achieved 27 yard status Friday, July 29th, 2023 at the ATA Central Zone Shoot held at Del Tone Shooting Range. Congratulations Scott.

Pete Walker achieved GRAND SLAM by shooting 100 Straight at the Wisconsin State Shoot.

Ben Dietz 2023 MN Singles Champion. This is Ben’s fourth MN State Champtionship!
Abigail Malecha 2023 MN Hanicap Champion after a four-way shoot off at the 27 yard line!
Jack Knaus 2023 MN Doubles Champion with the lone 100!
Pete Walker 2023 HOA Champion 1078/1100!

Danny Knudson 2023 HAA Champion with the lone 395!

John Kelly, Minneapolis Gun Club Handicap Champion 96/97

Leo Brand, Minneapolis 200 Singles/200 Doubles RAN ‘EM ALL 400X400. Rochelle, Leo’s Mom won her FIRST Buckle C Class Champion

Derek Fischer. Made it to the 27 yd line at the Central Zone Forest Lake Gun Club

David Smith, Bemidji, recieved his 50,000 Doubles pin from Pete Walker at the 2022 Heartland Grand.

Jennie Stone received her 25,000 Doubles pin from Pete Walker at the 2022 Heartland Grand.

John Haverly received his 27 yd. punch/pin at the 2022 MN State Shoot.

Kerry Ramsey 2022 MN State Shoot Sub-Junior HAA and HOA Winner.

Abby Malecha makes it to the 27 yard line in approximately 12 months by posting a 98 at the Wisconsin State shoot. Way to go Abby.

Congratulations to Laure Zumbusch for being the only Resident Lady to run the 200 Championship Singles at the MN State Shoot in MTA History!

Anthony Klassen big brother to Miranda, beat the field at the Minneapolis Gun Club Handicap Championship with the combined score of 193 for the two Handicap events. Anthony will receive a custom Championship buckle and gets his name on the perpetual plaque. Great shooting Anthony.

Miranda Klassen shoots her FIRST 200 STRAIGHT at the 2022 Neil Winston Memorial 200 Singles event at the Minneapolis Gun Club. Miranda will be the first to receive a custom embroidered John Storm Jacket commemorating her accomplishment. Congratulations Miranda.

Ben Dietz wins the Wisconsin NR Singles Championship after a 6 box shoot off against Ricky Marshall with the trap set on High, Fast and Wobble.

Abigail Malecha makes it on the front page of Trap & Field in her FIRST year of shooting. Congrats Abby!!!

Leo Brand, at age 15 makes it to the 27 yard line at the Heartland Grand. Congratulations Leo. 

Derek Fischer shot his FIRST 100 Straight in Singles at the Owatonna ATA Central Zone Shoot. 

MTA 2023 Hot Shots

Mary Amey shot her 75,000 Singles Targets
Ed Diets shot his 50,000 Singles Targets
Kent Griffiths shot his 75,000 Handicap Targets
Jim Karels shot his 50,000 Handicap Targets
Durand Wagner shot his 50,000 Handicap Targets
John J Kelly shot his 25,000 Handicap Targets
Darrel Terning shot his 25,000 Doubles Targets
Chad Stuewe posted his first 100 straight in singles at the the DelMonti in Monticello.
Troy Haverly posted a 99 in the Heartland Grand Championship Handicap Event.
Glen Lonneman attained his 100,000 Singles Milestone.
Randy Jones attained his 50,000 Singles Milestone.
Daryll Olson attained his 25,000 Singles Milestone and his 25,000 Handicap Milestone.
Michael Wenner attained his 25,000 Handicap Milestone.

Grand American Hot Shots

Jack Knaus ran the 100 straight in the Doubles Championship and went on to take the Jr. Gold Championship.
Pete Walker posted ANOTHER 100 straight in Handicap at the Grand. 3rd one in three weeks.
Rich Wolf make it to the 27 yd. line for the first time posting a 97 at the Grand and also posted his first 100 straight in Singles at the Grand.
Craig Isaacson made it to the 27 yd. line for the first time posting a 96 at the Grand.
Bob Newman got punched to the 27 yd line

Spring Grand Hot Shots

Pete Walker had the lone 98 in Event 16 Handicap, 427 entries, and backed it up the next day, Event 18 Handicap with a 97.
Daryll Olson Event 16 Handicap 22-24 yd. Winner
Rod Tollman Event 16 Handicap Chair Class Winner
Glenn Linden Event 22 Handicap Sub-Vet Winner
Rod Tollman Event 23 Singles Chair Class Winner
Gerald Bauer Event 24 Handicap Sub-Vet Winner
David Olson Event 24 Handicap Vet Winner

MTA 2022 Hot Shots

Frank Redfield and Jim Lambert received AA27AA designation.

Randy Cook, recent addition to the MTA Hall of Fame wins NR Singles Championship at the 2022 Wisconsin State Shoot by running the 200 and then a bunch more.

Jack Knaus at the Southern Grand won Jr. Gold HAA and HOA.

George Pappas at the Southern Grand was runner-up in Sub-Vet in the HAA and was Category in the HOA.

Randy Cook in Sr. Vet at the Southern Grand was runner-up in the HAA.

Scott Messenger at the Southern Grand took Doubles Champion in Sr. Vet

Pete Walker at the Southwestern Grand took AAA Champion in HOA.

Abby Malecha at the Southwestern Grand took A Champion in HOA and Jr. Champion in the Handicap Championship and is now on the 25 yd. line.

Randy Cook, 2022 HoF inductee, won HAA & HOA at the 4th annual Jacobson Memorial Shoot in Flordia.

George Papps took HOA & HAA at the Beretta USA Shoot at the Silver Dollar in March.

Curt Peterson at the 2022 Spring Grand in Tucson won the Caesar Guerini Pelimanary Handicap.
Curt posted a 99 and tied with Patrick Lamont and won the shoot-off.

MTA 2021 Hot Shots

Jim Lambert made it to the 27 yd. line at the MO Fall Handicap Shoot. Congrats Jim.

Rochelle Bethel, in just her 2nd season shooting ATA targets ran her FIRST 100 STRAIGHT at the Heartland Grand finishing the 200 singles with 197 and was Lady 1 runner up in the Handicap Championship Event. Rochelle is in the Brand Family…as in Tony and Leo.

Steer & Calf Hot Shots
Brenan Boltjes
191×200 Steer
Amy Howard 191×200 Calf
Pete Walker
Nick Kubasch 193×200

Jimmy Bowen AA Champion Rapid City Trap Club Gold Shoot

 Curt Peterson lone 98 in Handicap Casa Grande Pre Spring Grand.

 Scott Messenger Lone 200 in Singles Silver Dollar Bill Jacobsen Memorial.

 Derek Fischer High Handicap 95 Spring Grand…Three-way tie.

 Pete Walker one of three 200 Singles Spring Grand.

 Ali Jean Peterson Lady 1 Champion Spring Grand Event 22

 Rod Tolman multiple Chair Class Winner Spring Grand

 Scott Steffen R/U SuV Handicap Championship 2021 Spring Grand

 George Pappas SuV Champion Silver Dollar Open Preliminary Singles