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Minnesota Trapshooting Hall of Fame

Pat Laib
Spicer, MN

Elected: 1999
Shooting Member

This year; the MTA is proud to honor Pat Laib as the Shooting Member of the Minnesota Trapshooting Hall of Fame.

Pat Laib attended his first registered traps hoot in 1974. Then broke his first 100 straight at the 1978 Sioux Indian Shoot at Anoka. he then broke his first 200 straight in the Minnesota State Singles Championship in 1987, going on to place as runner up.

Pat’s first State Championship was Double Champion in 1982 in which he broke_ 97x 100 and won the shoot off over George Jacobson. H,s Minnesota State Shoot wins are 1980 Singles runner up, 1982 Doubles Champion, 1986 Men’s champion of Champions, 1987 Singles runner up, 1 990 Singles Runner up, 1 990 Singles Runner up, 1990 HOA-M and 1 992 HOA State Champion. His out of state records are l 988 North Dakota Singles Champion-NR, 1 996 North Dakota Handicap Champion-NR and 1996 North Dakota H.A.A. Champion -NR.

While attending 18 Grand Americans, Pat captured 3 trophies. These are 1983 Class A Doubles Runner up, 1 987 Clay target AA Champion and 1 990 State Team Co-champions.

Overall, Pat has been selected to the Minnesota Sate Team 10 times. He has shot a total of 55075 singles, 48850 handicap and 28300 doubles targets in his career, so far!

Other accomplishments are the 1981 Kouba Singles Championship Billy Fawcett Shoot, 1987 HOA Championship Billy Fawcett Shoot and in 1990 became the second person in Minnesota to average over 95% on all qualifying targets for the State Team.

Pat enjoys the sport as well as being able to help others to shoot better through his shop’s professional gun smithing services. There is a tremendous amount of satisfaction that comes with someone else’s victory if you can have a part in it. Pat lives in Spicer, MN with his wife, Mary and their two sons, Trevor and Aaron.

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