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The Minnesota Trapshooting Hall of Fame honors shooters whose accomplishments bring credit to our sport. Men and women of exceptional diligence and sportsmanship are inducted; integrity and character are the first requirements for consideration.

Shooting members must also meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum of 15 years of registered trapshooting in Minnesota, and 25,000 singles targets
  • 3 state championship titles (Singles, Handicap, Doubles, HAA, HOA, not category) or 10 years on a State Team

Supporting members must also meet the following criteria:

  • Ten years of work supporting shooting in the State….as an MTA Officer, Delegate, Gun Club owner, operator, worker, etc. Involvement in special programs, from youth training to press relations, will be considered.

Trapshooting in Minnesota encompasses great individuality and diversity. The Officers, therefore, may modify the letter but not the spirit of the above criteria to accommodate special circumstances.

To submit a candidate for either category please create a Word document or PDF file and email to:

Randy Jones:    Randy1837@hotmail.com

Pete Walker:    countyranger239@gmail.com

Paul Cyr:          ptcyr54@gmail.com

Submit your nomination in a Word or PDF document by emailing it to the Hall of Fame committee names listed above by the November 1st deadline.

Be sure to include your name and contact information when submitting a nomination to the committee.

For more information please contact HOF Committee of Minnesota’s ATA Delegate and Alternate Delegates.

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