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Minnesota Trapshooting Hall of Fame

Allen Heil
Glencoe, MN

Elected: 1991
Shooting Member

Allen Heil of Glencoe has been a member of the ATA for over 25 years, having shot over 30,000 singles targets. Allen in one of the few Minnesota shooters to have won all three state championships. He won the Handicap Championship in 1969 and completed the triple crown in 1977 by winning the Doubles Championship. 

Allen has won numerous other awards such as the 1971 Runner-Up handicap, 1969 High All-Around and High Over-All, 1971High All-Around, 1968 High all-Around Runner-up, 1971 High Over-All Runner-up, the Diamond Badge in 1972.  He was a member of the Minnesota State Team in 1968, ’69, ’70, ’72 and 1973.  In 1980, Allen and son Jim,
won the Tom McKay High Resident Parent and Child trophy.

In 1978, at the Owatonna Gun Club, Allen was the first Minnesota shooter to break 100 straight in doubles in Minnesota. He won the Fawcett Doubles
Championship in 1973 beating Trapshooting Hall of Famer, Marvin Driver in a shoot-off. 

He reached the 27 yard line in 1971. At the 1969 Grand American, Allen was listed fifth highest in AA with two hundred targets left to shoot but had to leave for home before the last day of Doubles and Handicap.

Allen is a fine competitor and a gentleman that all fellow shooters can be proud of.  He is an avid hunter and enjoys seeing the United States by the way of motorcycle.

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