Kim Krueger



Kim Krueger achieved 100,000 Singles Targets
on March 26th, 2018








Kim Krueger 250,000




250,000th Target Registered

Kim Krueger registered 250,00 targets Feb. 24, 2017 at Tucson Trap & Skeet.

Congratulations Kim! What a great achievement!






Kim Krueger


100,000th Handicap Target

Congratulations to Kim Krueger who, on Friday, March 27th, 2015 shot at his 100,000th handicap target during the Arizona State Shoot. No word on if he hit it or not but, knowing how Kim shoots, is there any doubt??

Congratulations, Kim. That's a lot of targets!

Dean Walker Achieves 250,000 ATA Target!

Dean Walker Achieves 250,000 ATA Target

On Valentine's Day (February 14), 2015, Dean Walker, Minnesota shooter and ATA Alternate Delegate, shot at his 250,000 lifetime ATA Target while competing in a 200 bird Singles event in Casa Grande, Arizona. Following the event, Dean was presented with a cake, certificate, and 250,000 pin from former ATA President Alan Radway. Thanks to Dean's son, Pete, for forward the pictures, along with the explanation that the targets on the cake are green for a reason--the clays thrown at Casa Grande are indeed green (look at the debris field behind Radway and Walker)!

The time, energy, and commitment required to achieve this level of target acquisition is staggering--the Minnesota Trapshooting Association proudly congratulations Dean on his incredible accomplishment.

Dean Walker Achieves 250,000 ATA Target





Dean Walker Achieves 250,000 ATA Target

What A Milestone! I can't even imagine....

Dennis Steinhaus

Congratulations to Dennis 'Denny' Steinhaus (Annandale, MN), who shot his 100,000th Handicap target at Del-Tone/Luth Gun Club during the ATA Central Zone Handicap Championship on Sunday, August 4, 2013. Many of Denny's friends and family were in attendance, and all helped him celebrate with a huge cake.

Interesting note: Denny's wife, Sharon, is pictured with him here and is wearing, as a charm, the medal Denny received for his 100,000th Singles target attainment. According to Denny, Sharon is eager to see him complete his 100,000th Doubles target attainment milestone so she can have the Handicap & Doubles medals made into matching earrings!