SEPTEMBER 12, 2004

Meeting called to order 8:30 a.m.

Present were: Ronald Baker, Mark Zauhar, Darrel Terning, Peter Falk III, Wally Shelstad, Dave Smith (Central Zone), Dave Smith (Northern Zone), Jim Walkowiak, Glenn Vinton, Sue Gillard, Steve Richards, Kim Krueger, Neil Winston, Paul Cyr.

Absent: Kent Griffiths

Others present: Lou Kosiba, Loren Hentges, Steve Schmidt, Sid Schmidt, Glen Lonneman, Cindy Townsend, Rich Ronning, John Bacon.

Lou Kosiba spoke about the Sioux Indian shoot. For 2005 Alexandria Shooting Park has the weekend of the shoot and no officers have been elected. Also, on the MTA financial statement is a Note Payable-Sioux for $1,025.00, which is the amount of cash the Sioux has left. No other discussion followed concerning the Sioux Indian Shoot.

Lou Kosiba spoke about the Zone Shoots and the $500.00 fee to the host clubs. No other discussion followed concerning the fee.

Lou Kosiba spoke about the annual club dues which are $50.00/year as voted during the December 6, 2003 board of directors meeting. He suggested changing the dues to $5/year plus $5 per shoot day. Kim motioned to keep the dues at $50.00 seconded by Jim, motion passed.

Lou Kosiba presented information concerning insurance board of directors insurance. No discussion followed.

2005 Trophy Budget

Ron presented a trophy budget for the 2005 state shoot. Comments concerning the selection of trophies followed along with AAA trophies which Scott Messenger donated the funds for the 2004 state shoot. Scott M. said he would contribute the funds to continue the AAA trophies. Jim W. motioned to accept the budget ($9000.00) and Peter F. seconded the motion, motion passed.

2005 Committees

Ron presented the committees for 2005. 

2004 Shoot Recap

Darrel discussed the 2004 shoot recap and financial statements.

State Shoot Rent Agreement

Board of Directors received an updated copy of the rent agreement from Rich. All board comments are to be to Ron Baker by October 1, 2004.

Kim motioned to adjourn, Glen Vinton seconded, motion passed.