SEPTEMBER 10, 2005

Officers/Directors present were as follows:

Mark Z, Darrel T, Wally S, Peter Falk, Neil W, Glen V, Paul C, Denny S, Glen M, Kim K, Stan D, Steve R, Glen L.
Others Present included several from Alexandria Shooting Park

Darrel opened the meeting by sharing his first draft of financial statements for the past target year and the 2005 State Shoot.

Our state tournament was very successful this year netting us about $11,400. Total profit for the year was $28,962. Great year.

Zone shoots again cost us money losing $5,699.

General income was $11,650

Youth income was $11,174.

Year to date profit of $28,962 will likely rise a bit as more fees will trickle in and we have more raffle income to be entered.

As a result of the profit earned, our cash balance has improved to over $74,000 with our total net assets at $85,900.

Causes of our profit improvement were the raffle ($4900); record youth auction revenue ($4135), sales tax passed on to shooters ($5,987), reduced office supplies (about $4,000).

Our cost per hundred targets dropped despite the number of targets thrown dropping. This was the result of careful labor cost management.

The youth shoot and half price targets cost us about $3,000 more then we took in from all youth sources of income. If you count added money and trophies as money paid out to shooters and compare it to the total given the kids, we actually put more into the kids shoot then we do the total of adult trophy and added money by about $1,500.

We decided we will use the coin machines next year for the practice traps and Darrel will rent them to the Bemidji Gun Club if a suitable fee can be worked out. The machines were not tremendously successful but they probably will save us some money over the next several years.

Darrel informed us he will split his $4,200 secretary fee with Julie to cover all the work she does for us during the year. Darrel also will not accept motel expenses at the state shoot. These apparently were covered in the past for the treasurer. Thanks Darrel!

Jim W was placed in charge of ordering the targets for next year. We decided to quote both White Flyer and Midwest. Since we prefer Midwest, we would expect White Flyer to be somewhat cheaper to earn our business. We will order the targets ASAP if a price advantage exists for doing so. We will need one truck load in April, two in May, and two in June. Mark Z will communicate these needs to Jim W. Jim needs to make sure the invoice goes directly to Darrel so he can take advantage of any quick pay discounts.

We formed the following committees:

Program/Advertising, Mark Z chair, Jim W, Glen V, Jake Slaughter; Auction Donations, Wally Shelstad; Trophies, Steve R and David S; Youth Program, Kathy Lahti and David S; Banquet, Alexandria Shooting Park; and Banquet Agenda, Mark Z and Darrel T.

We agreed that Steve Richards will have the same $9,600 for the trophy budget that he had last year. All agreed Steve did a tremendous job last year. I hope that statement keeps him doing trophies forever.

We agreed the advertising/program committee will work with Federal to get shells and possibly an event sponsorship. We will ask Chuck Delaney for help as we believe he has good connections there from his Game Fair work.

Alex will select a computer server to replace the one formerly supplied by Ron Baker at the State Shoot. We asked them to get one with plenty of power and ok it with Darrel before purchasing it. Darrel will issue a check from our funds to cover the cost. We can leave the server there and hooked up for Alexís use but will retain ownership.

Both Cindy Townsend, her daughter (whose name I have forgotten, sorry), and Darrel felt that they could cover any system needs we may have in the projected absence of Ron Baker next year. Cindy said she would handle the pre-squadding, both manual and auto if we use presquad.com.

Sid Schmidt and the Alex group are working on a deal with the area motels that will seek to lower rates and make rooms available to make our shooters chances of getting a room at a fair price better. We asked to block out at least 100 total rooms at several motels. Sid thought the fact that our people will stay more then just Friday and Saturday nights will be enough leverage to get the job done. Hopefully we can reduce complaints about high rates and no rooms to the bare minimum. Mark Z will work with Sid to hopefully get us some much needed relief on the qty of rooms available and the price.

Stan Durda presented us with a folder of proposals to consider at our next meeting. Mark Z also covered a few things pertaining to trophy quantity to promote more shooters and a summary showing the low percentage of shooters that play the money and how maybe that should affect our use of added money. We also mentioned the thought we should look at ways to tap in to the large number of trap shooters that shoot but not registered. We will discuss this at our next meeting.

We drew the raffle tickets for the shotgun and shells. Mark Z will call the winners when he returns from his hunting trip on the end of September and see to it they get their prizes. Donators of shells will need to get the flats ready to give to the winners or to give to the MTA. Mark Z will call the winners and if it would be easier, have Darrel send them a check instead of the shells. That way we can save the trouble of postage. I have flats from Denny Spurling and Ron Baker. Remaining donators were Glenwood Gun Club, Owatonna Gun Club, Mpls Gun Club, Glen Vinton, Wally Shelstad and the MTA (two Flats).

I would like to review the Mission Statement that I passed out last year and hopefully discuss and agree to adopt such a statement. Our mission statement should be a statement of what we as an organization should be striving to achieve. I believe we should be thinking of more then just next years state shoot if registered trap shooting in Minnesota is going to prosper. 

We will have our next meeting the first Saturday in December at the Buffalo gun Club. Iím thinking about a 9:00 am time. I will send out an agenda and particulars at a later date. Any feed back from officers and directors for the meeting date would be appreciated.

If I missed anything, please e-mail with the corrections

Mark Zauhar
President MTA