MAY 5, 2007

President Mark Zauhar called the meeting to order at 3:15 pm 

Members Present: Mark Zauhar, Darrel Terning, Neil Winston, Peter Falk III, Dave Smith, Kim Krueger, Steve Richards, Jim Walkowiak, Glen Lonneman, David Stearns, Paul Cyr, Stan Durda

Members Absent: Glenn Mcleod, Glenn Vinton, Ron Noren

Others Present: Steve Schmidt, Cindy Townsend

Mark Z reviewed the minutes of the December 2, 2006 Board of Directors meeting. Kim K motioned to accept the minutes as read; Jim W seconded the motion with all voting in favor.

Mark Z presented that he has started the beginning process of creating a new lease with the Alexandria Shooting Park.

Darrel T presented the financial information. The Eagles Club of Alexandria gave the MTA youth competitors $2,607.15. This was for the shells used by the youth at the 2006 state shoot. It was recommended that Tuesday night of the 2007 state shoot, anyone available to go the Eagles club for supper should go as a “thank you” for their support of the youth.

Discussion followed concerning the 2007 state shoot program and its progress. Advertising to date has received about $6,125.

Mark Z, Darrel T, and Neil W are working on a letter to go to shooters who have stopped shooting registered targets during the 2004 and 2005 target years.

Discussion about new shooter recruits followed. The southern zone attended gun shows throughout the winter, the central zone is going to attend 13 clubs this summer, and to date Buffalo has attained 28 new shooters for the Northern Zone.

Stan Durda discussed the idea of an Industrial Championship. For 2007, the Alexandria Shooting Park will hold a Non-Registered Industrial Championship on the Sunday before the state shoot. Stan and Mark Z will assist ASP as needed.

Break at 4:43 pm

Resume meeting at 4:55 pm

Mark Z presented on the youth auction. So far 3 pheasant hunts, 1 lab puppy, $1,000 in Cabela’s gift certificates, 1 gun from DPMS, a Custom Stock, fishing trip, 1 case of wine have been donated. An individual has offered to match up to $5,000 of money if we can raise that amount. 

Neil W spoke about the ATA. All Grand events will start at 9:00 am. Targets will cost $28 per hundred. Competitors can use their own shells, Mike Hampton Sr. will be the tournament director, shoot offs will begin sooner, golf carts can be used at the Grand and 4-wheelers may not and there will be NO people movers this year. Neil also spoke that Ashland, the company who makes the pitch for targets, will be closed for 34 days this summer not the usual 26. This will make targets harder to come by this summer.

Stan D spoke about on going research concerning the computer software and hardware used at the state shoot. Stan has been working with Cindy T on this matter. Stan reported that the software we use is adequate and the cost of an entire new computer system does not validate the need to purchase one. 

Dave Smith spoke about the SCTP. So far 130 youth are registered for the program. Dave requested the first 18 squads of Saturdays singles be held for SCTP participants which the board agreed with. Neil spoke that the ATA has set aside $250,000 for youth, youth development and support of the SCTP. Discussion followed concerning reimbursing clubs who promote the SCTP. Dave Smith and Mark Z will work on a SCTP plan for clubs and reimbursement plan.

The nominating committee of Dave Smith, Steve Richards and Paul Cyr obtained names of interested parties for the elected offices.

An organization that represents clubs being audited by Minnesota Revenue for Sales Tax was discussed. Jim W motion and Kim K seconded to donate $400 to the organization as they have been representing clubs for no fee. The board voted all in favor.

Discussion followed concerning shells needed for the youth competitors on Monday of the state shoot. The MTA will purchase 75 flats of shells from ASP for the youth shooters. Kim K motioned and Glenn L seconded to purchase the shells and the board all voted in favor.

Steve R motioned and David Smith seconded to adjourn at 6:05 p.m. with all voting in favor.