JUNE 18, 2006

Meeting called to order at 12:15 PM

Board members present: Mark Zauhar, Glen Lonneman, Glenn Mcleod, Paul Cyr, Kent Griffiths, Kim Kruger, Peter Falk, David Smith, Wally Shelstad

Board members absent: Darrel Terning, Jim Walkowiak, Glen Vinton, Steve Richards, Stan Durda

Others present: Cindy Townsend, Steve Schmidt

Below are the items discussed and action taken:

We discussed the progress made on our shooter development program. Stan Durda was unable to attend to report on the progress from the Central Zone but he left a summary with Mark Zauhar. The Northern and Southern Zone Directors gave their report verbally. I have summarized the progress on the attached page. The central zone reported several sites visited and the program presented. The Northern Zone reported some good new member progress but did not summarize how many presentations were made. The Southern zone had no progress to report to date. Plan to again hear a report from each zone at our September meeting to be scheduled. 

Mark Zauhar handed out the attached list of auction items for the live auction. We still have the possibility of some new additions. If we are moderately successful with the live auction, we could easily net $5-8,000 on this auction alone. We need all directors to talk up the items and get people to the banquet and bidding. We will run a live auction in the card room in the main club house from Thursday through Saturday noon. We will have 20-40 items for sale in the silent auction and some will bring good money. Anyone who has items for the auction, bring them to the state shoot and see Mark Z. We want to make sure we get all appropriate donor information so we can send thanks. 

We reviewed the things to do better list. Assignments and work completed was per the attached. 

We completed the work assignment sheet as attached to these minutes. Directors/Officers not assigned to activities should see Mark Z at the shoot if they plan on helping. Please plan to be present when and for the task you are assigned to. If we donít need you we will release you. If you are unable to cover your assignment, please arrange for a replacement. To make sure all shooters feel they are being treated as customers, we need to make sure we donít slip up for lack of effort. 

Darrel Terning had promised before the meeting to cover the office, cashiering, and computer reporting all shoot and be responsible for the squadding process and the bank draws. We will only open squads for assignment as the banks fill up. This will be strictly followed to insure we fill the squads as completely as possible. 

Mark Z will be in charge of the trap setting and will arrange for daily morning meetings to insure trap setting is done quickly and evenly on the line. We will be using radar guns and angle indicators to set the target speed and height. The MTA has purchased angle meters for the shoot and Dean Neuman and Neil Winston and Wally Shelstad will bring their radar guns. 

We decided we need a people hauler but were concerned about the safety of the tractor pulled unit we have used in the past. Steve Schmidt also indicated he has difficulty getting someone to drive the tractor. We authorized Steve to rent a large golf cart, a two or three seater, that could be used instead. We felt then a responsible student could be paid to drive it and it could easily make rounds through the camping area. MTA will pay for the charges. 

Mark Z had a new Pat Trap finger installed in one of Alexandriaís machines. It did what it is advertised to do. It threw the doubles with almost no curl. We decided to purchase 19 of them if Alex would install them on their machines. Steve Schmidt promised to install them before the state shoot. We believe the quality of our targets we be improved and therefore allow shooters to shoot better scores. 

Steve Schmidt asked it the MTA would consider purchasing some additional voice releases so we wouldnít have to rent any more. He said we need five units to avoid having to rent. He indicated Alex would be willing to purchase two of the five if the MTA purchased the other three. He requested however that Alex be given some extra time to pay for theirs as they will be short of cash until after our shoot. We voted to purchase all five and give Alex twelve months to pay us for their two units. The board asked Mark Z to purchase them but see if Bob Schultz would give us the Pat Trap fingers in consideration of us purchasing the five voice releases. As a follow up note to this issue, the five units have been ordered and we did get 18 fingers free. The first one I have an invoice for but I will see if I can get Bob to include it as well. 

Election candidates so far are President Ė Mark Zauhar and Wally Shelstad; Vice-President Jim Walkowiak and Glenn Vinton; Secretary Treasurer Ė Darrel Terning 

If we are intent on growing our shoot, we need to make sure we treat each and every shooter as the customers they are. If we see something we could do better, donít be afraid to get a hold of me or Steve Schmidt and get it changed. If you see a line getting to long, donít be afraid to jump in and help out to get things moving. If a trap breaks down, donít hesitate to have the squads shuffled to reduce the impact of the down time. If we all treat this shoot as if we were running a for profit business, our customers will be happy. See you all at the shoot.

Good shooting, Mark Zauhar