JULY 14, 2007

President Mark Zauhar called the meeting to order at 8:05AM. The Secretary’s report was read. Ken Spence motioned to accept, Dave Smith (central zone) seconded the motion, approved.

The Treasurer’s report was read, with a net income of $30,579 being reported for the ended December 31, 2006. The net income was a result of the ATA refund, the fundraising efforts for the youth and the daily fees of the MTA. Shoot attendance for 2007 was reported to be up with the exception of Tuesday which was extremely windy. The youth auction was a success, netting approximately $28,000 between the live auction, silent auction and generous donations from attendees. The number of youth competitors on Monday was 178. This is up from all prior years. Gene Lack asked about how the youth funds were being used. Darrel Terning reaffirmed that the youth has its own savings account and that the funds are only used to offset youth costs. Dennis Steinhaus asked a question about what constitutes the $26.50 fee the MTA charges for entry fees. Darrel discussed the target costs, rent factor, payroll costs, and trophy costs use most of the entry fee. Darrel spoke about the new shooter campaign and that Buffalo Gun Club has signed up the majority of new shooters this year. Jim Walkowiak motioned to accept the Treasure’s report, Dennis Steinhaus seconded, approved.

Mark Zauhar introduced the 2006-2007 directors and officers. He then stated that the Southern Zone had not elected a new director and that he had appointed Paul Cyr to remain in that position. 

Mark Zauhar then thanked the contributors and event sponsors for their generous contributions towards the youth program and championship events.

ATA delegate Neil Winston reported that the Grand events will start at 9:00AM daily, the targets will be set the same as the Minnesota State Shoot, the ATA is happy with Sparta and will be staying there, and that reloads will be allowed again this year. He introduced Edie Reynolds who is the newly hired Youth Director for the ATA and discussed classes for youth coaches. A question from the floor was asked about if any improvements for vendors has occurred for this years Grand and Mr. Winston answered “yes”.

Mark Zauhar asked that clubs send their 2008 dates to Darrel Terning by September 1, 2007 so that they can be assembled and printed on the wallet cards early in November and mailed by Christmas. The 2008 Minnesota State Shoot will be July 7-13.

Darrel Terning conducted the election of Officers. Darrel spoke that the nominating committee chose to keep the slate of Officers the same as it was in 2006/2007 and that the Board of Directors as a whole has worked very hard and well together. 

The slate of Officers included the following:

  • President: Mark Zauhar

  • Vice-President: Glenn Vinton

  • Secretary/Treasurer: Darrel Terning

  • ATA Delegate: Neil Winston

  • 1st ATA Alternate Delegate: Peter Falk III

  • 2nd ATA Alternate Delegate: Ron Noren

Darrel Terning asked for nominations from the floor. Dave Smith (central zone) nominated Glenn Vinton for President. A paper ballot followed with Mark Zauhar being elected President. The Board of Directors remains unchanged for 2007/2008.

Glen Lonneman motioned to adjourn the meeting, Dale Rasmussen seconded the motion, meeting adjourned at 8:45AM.