JULY 10, 2006

President Mark Zauhar called the meeting to order at 8:10AM. The secretary’s report was read. Ron Baker motioned to accept, Dennis Steinhaus seconded the motion, approved. 

The treasurers report was read, net income of $30,420. They reported on the income being the refund from the ATA, the way the organization charged sales tax to its consumers and cutting of additional expenses. Shoot attendance for 2006 was reported to be down with the exception of Tuesday, which was a new additional day. The Youth auction netted approximately $13,000 and the youth shooters numbered at about 150, which is consistent with prior years. Tom Brooks motioned to accept, Kevin Kitzman seconded the motion, approved.

Mark Zauhar introduced the 2005-2006 officers and directors. Thank the contributors, event sponsors for their generous contributions towards the youth program and championship events.

ATA delegate Neil Winston reported Sparta is pretty much up and running and the facility has met expectations. The ATA will hold a spring shoot, summer grand and fall shoot despite other clubs criticism. There will be a $3 per event fee. The ATA income will be flat for awhile. He also reported that Sparta has a TV system. An apology to Ken Spence for his high all around trophy won at the Grand, which was omitted from recognition at the Hall of Fame banquet.

2007 Shoot Dates to be to Darrel Terning by September 1, 2006 for the 2007 shoot year.

Survey for state shoot dates were as follows: 50% would not attend the week of the 4th of July, 9% would not attend week after the 4th of July. The dates of the 2007 Minnesota are July 9-15.

New Shooter recruitment headed by Stan Durda followed. An instructor program has been developed and about 70-75 new shooters have been acquired this year. The northern zone clubs have predominately generated the interest. This is something that can be gauged better in 2-3 years.

Slate from the nominating committee:

Non contested positions:

Secretary/Treasurer: Darrel Terning

ATA Delegate: Neil Winston

1st ATA alternate delegate: Peter Falk III

Rich Ronning motioned to cease these nominations which was seconded by Dennis Steinhaus. All in favor and the slate was accepted as stated:

Contested positions:
President: Mark Zauhar and Wally Shelstad
Neil Winston nominated Mark Zauhar and spoke on his behalf. Bob Amey seconded the motion.
Dennis Steinhaus nominated Wally Shelstad and Gene Lack seconded the motion.
Both candidates were allowed to speak and a paper ballot followed with Mark Zauhar being re-elected.

Vice President: Glenn Vinton and Jim Walkowiak
A paper ballot followed with Glenn Vinton being elected

2nd ATA alternate delegate: Ronald Noren and Sidney Schmidt
A paper ballot followed with Ronald Noren being elected.

Members were required to prove that they were members in current standing in order to receive ballots. Proof included a life membership card, soft shooting card or receipt of ATA annual membership.

Mark Zauhar closed by saying thank you to all volunteers who helped to relieve the trap kids due to the extreme heat. Also mentions that anybody interested in the Scholastic Shooting Program should get in contact with David Smith of Bemidji.

Rich Ronning motioned to adjourn and Bob Scribner seconded, approved.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 a.m.