JULY 10, 2005

President Ron Baker called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m.

The secretary’s report was read. Jim Walkowiak motion to accept, John Bacon second the motion, approved.

The treasurer’s report was read, net income of $7,780.00. Reported on income being the refund from the ATA and that the rest of the organization broke even. Discussed increase in target fees for 2005 to offset the sales tax due to the State of Minnesota and that the championship days at the shoot had a decrease in attendance. Discussed IRS audit of the MTA that resulted in no change to the tax returns filed. Ken Spence motion to accept, Jake Slaughter second, approved.

Ron Baker introduced the 2004/2005 officers and directors. Thanked Central Minnesota Gun Club, Minnesota Weapons Collectors and others for their contribution to the youth program. Also, thanked Kolar Arms, Cabela’s, and Remington for their sponsorships of the championship events.

ATA Delegate Neil Winston, in regards to the relocation progress in Sparta being well under way and that the 2006 Grand will be there. Also spoke on the final Grand in Vandalia and the target requirements to shoot the Grand in 2005.

Discussion followed on keeping the youth competition in Alexandria during the state shoot. Bruce Thompson stated that Central Minnesota Gun Club would donate $3,000 for the next 3 years to the youth program.

Bob Wiltse read a letter to the organization concerning a letter wrote by the Goup of 6 and the relationship with the MTA purchasing the trap range in Alexandria. Dennis Steinhaus suggested Group of 6 and the MTA Board to sit down and figure out a solution. Jake Slaughter questioned the results of the surveys that were issued at the zone shoots. Northern Zone 90 no / 20 yes, Central 50/50, Southern had an informal vote with No being the response. Lou Kosiba said no to purchasing. Robert Munson suggested the discussion was "getting the cart ahead of the horse" and we should continue to keep the MTA strong and that other shooters would purchase/buyout the Group of 6. Bob Hosch stated that he would sell his interest to the MTA for cost.

Shoot dates to be to Darrel Terning by September 1, 2005 for the 2006 shoot year.

State shoot dates set for July 11-16, 2006.

Slate from the nominating committee:

Vice President – Wally Shelstad
Sec/Treas – Darrel Terning
ATA Delegate – Neil Winston
1st Alt Delegate – Kent Griffiths
2nd Alt Delegate – Peter Falk III

Rich Ronning motion to cease nominations, approved.

Slate accepted as stated.

President – 3 nominations:
Mark Zauhar
Ron Baker
Lou Kosiba

All candidates were allowed to speak and a paper ballot followed with Mark Zauhar being elected.

Motion to adjourn, approved, adjourned at 9:00 a.m.