JANUARY 11, 2005

Meeting called to order at 8:00p.m.

Present were: Ron Baker, Mark Zauhar, Darrel Terning, Neil Winston, Kent Griffiths, Peter Falk, Kim Krueger, Wally Shelstad, David Smith (NZ), David Smith (CZ), Jim Walkowiak, Steve Richards, Dennis Spurling, Paul Cyr.

Absent was: Glenn Vinton


Selection of 2006 State Shoot dates – Requested by Alexandria Shooting Park 
Proposal to host 2005 Youth Shoot - Monticello Sportsman’s Club 
Advertising Committee Report. 

Motion: Kent Griffiths motioned to hold the Minnesota State Shoot July 11-16, 2006.

Second: Dave Smith (CZ) 

Discussion: Kent Griffiths spoke with representatives from South Dakota, North Dakota and Wisconsin concerning their state shoot dates. SD was the only state that has the same date as Minnesota. The representative said SD would change their date so that it would not conflict with Minnesota. 

Motion Passed: All board members in favor.

Kent Griffiths to notify SD of this Boards decision.

Motion: Kim Krueger motioned to decline the Monticello proposal to hold the 2005 youth competition.

Second: Peter Falk

Discussion: Separation of the youth competition from the Minnesota State Shoot: Monticello Sportsmen’s club proposed holding the 2005 Minnesota youth competition at their club. However, minutes from the December 2004 board of directors meeting show that the separation of the youth competition from the State shoot was to be discussed at the annual meeting of the Minnesota State shoot.

Motion Passed: All board members in favor

Ron Baker to notify Monticello S.C. of this Boards decision.

On going discussion to finalized the 2005 Minnesota State Shoot included the following:

Mark Zauhar discussed advertising collections 
Kim Krueger discussed the Hall of Fame Banquet to be held at Alexandria Shooting Park at the conclusion of Friday‘s events. In addition to dinner there will be a cash bar on site. 
Kim reported that the Eagles Club of Alexandria proposing to purchase shells for the youth competition. Steve Schmidt of the ASP will be meeting with the Eagles on this matter. Steve was to be notified via email, by President Ron Baker, that the MTA is a 501 (c7) corporation as this may effect their donation. 

Items for discussion tabled until the April 23, 2005 Board of Directors meeting as follows:

Selection of the Minnesota State Shoot dates for the next 3-4 years.

On going discussion about the possibility of separation of the youth competition from Tuesday of the Minnesota State Shoot and rotating the competition through out various clubs.

Kim Krueger motioned to adjourn, Kent Griffiths second, all board members in favor.

Adjourned 9:05p.m.