DECEMBER 4, 2004

Meeting called to order 8:00 a.m.

Present were: Ron Baker, John Bacon, Darrel Terning, Kent Griffiths, Kim Krueger, David Smith, David Smith, Wally Shelstad, Jim Walkowiak, Peter Falk III, Mark Zauhar 

Absent were: Neil Winston, Paul Cyr, Steve Richards, Glenn Vinton, and Denny Spurling (finishing Sue Gillard’s term). 

Others present: Loren Hentges, Steve Schmidt, Tom & Cindy Townsend.

Discussion lead by Steve Schmidt regarding getting a work schedule in place with positions/rates defined to eliminate any overtime and overall cut wage expenses. Ron and Darrel will work on the schedule and meet or correspond with Steve sometime after the first of the year with the final draft.

Break 10 minutes.

Secretary’s report read and accepted.

Treasurer’s report read and accepted.

Sales tax discussion: Should we be charging sales tax to the shooters as other states do? Kim motioned to charge the shooters sales tax, Wally 2nd motion, motion passed. Will discuss further how to word it in the program.

Dues: Peter inquired about the smaller clubs having to incur the $50 annual dues to be a member or should this be based on the number of shoots a club has. Majority of the board feels this should be an individual club’s decision if they want to be a member of the MTA or not. Kim motioned to keep the MTA annual dues at $50, Mark 2nd motion, motion passed.

Daily Fees: Kent motioned to keep the daily fees at $3, Kim 2nd motion, motion passed.

Youth Program: Discussion on having the Youth Program be it’s own individual shoot, separate from the State Shoot. It should be somewhere centrally located in MN and take place on a Saturday for better attendance. Perhaps clubs could rotate hosting the event. The MTA should try to promote the Youth Program shoot to all clubs in MN not just members, and try to get the media involved in the shoot. The Youth Program winners would still get acknowledgement at the State Shoot Banquet. The Board should bring up this discussion at the 2005 State Shoot Sunday meeting, to the members to get feedback and make a decision regarding 2006, then.

Discussion on costs for 2005 (Tuesday’s) Youth Program: Kim motioned ½ target price to be paid by kids, Wally 2nd motion, motion passed.

Talk to Steve Schmidt about ordering shells for the Youth Program.

Zone: Discussion on the $500 charged to clubs, there is confusion among the clubs as well as individuals. The MTA gives the host clubs $500 less than it used to for covering the cash trophies, the clubs no longer provide food to the shooters. A letter, see addendum, will be sent to the clubs with a detailed explanation and talk to the club reps that will be here today. 

Trophy discussion: Perhaps the added money should be changed. Should some of the cash trophies be eliminated? Removing second and third place cash trophies would save $1590. Mark motioned to remove all but 1st place cash trophies, and the MTA will send clubs the money to cover said cash trophies, David (CZ) 2nd motion, motion passed.

Target prices for Zone: Ron motioned to keep target price at $22, Kim 2nd motion, motion passed.

Sioux Shoot discussion: Should the MTA be involved with this shoot? Kim motioned to discontinue MTA involvement with the Sioux Shoot and remove the funds from MTA’s financial statement and bank account, David (NZ) 2nd motion, motion passed.

MTA Board of Director Insurance Discussion: Mark motioned for Darrel to get at least 3 bids on the insurance policy and for Darrel to be authorized to make the decision on the lowest bid, and to have the policy be effective in June, David (NZ) 2nd motion, motion passed.

Zone Pins: Kent motioned for John Bacon to order zone pins from Valley Trophy, Mark 2nd motion, motion passed.

Delegate Report: In Neil’s absence, he sent a packet of handouts for the members to look over.

Trophy Committee Report: Jim and Steve are attempting to get some corporations to sponsor some events. Trophies will be lower than the $9000 budget last year. Trophies will be finalized soon. All trophies from last years State Shoot have been mailed out.

Pins: Attendance pins Ron is working on.

Target Committee: Kent presented price quotes for targets; Midwest $5.87/cs delivered w/no pallet charge, Dean Bright $6.25/cs. We need to check with Steve if there were any orange targets left from this year. Mark motioned to buy Midwest Targets, Dave (CZ) 2nd motion, motion passed. Kent will order the targets.

Advertising Committee: Mark, Jim and Denny are trying to increase the ads used in the state program by changing the format and layout of the booklet. They are also trying to get corporate sponsors for the Championship events, such as, Remington, Federal and Winchester. The 2005 ad costs will remain $50 ¼ page, $100 ½ page, $200 full page, and adding $250 for the back cover or centerfold.

State Program Events: Discussion on adding/eliminating events on Tuesday’s Youth Program. Dave (NZ) motioned to have the Youth Program begin registration at 8:00am, start shooting at 10:00am, and start 100 on a trap, a regular program to immediately follow the completion of the Youth Program with registration starting at 11:00am, Jim 2nd motion, motion passed.

Darrel suggests dropping the class option on events 7 and 9, based on the amount of time spent figuring it out and the number of shooters playing the option. Also changing the championship added money to $2 to match the rest of the events, which have added money. Board in agreement.

Kent motioned to leave Championship added money as is, Kim 2nd motion, motion passed.

Kim motioned to move Doubles Championship event 11 to being event 10 on Friday and making the Memorial Handicap event 11. Because the traps are already set for doubles from Thursday’s last event, this will save much needed time, due to the banquet being Friday night. Kent 2nd motion, motion passed.

Banquet: Banquet will held be in the ASP clubhouse. Kim motioned the dinner ticket price stay at $12.50 for 2005. Peter 2nd motion, motion passed.

Target Price: Discussion on how to reflect the sales tax charge. Wally motioned for the program to read target price $25 + tax, David (CZ) 2nd motion, motion passed. We should also post something regarding sales tax being charged near the cashier window.

Hall of Fame: Handouts from Neil regarding nominees’ biographies/qualifications. Peter motioned for a ballot vote to put Mike Michaelis and Roger Steinhaus in as supporting members, and Eric Munson as a shooting member. Ballot vote resulted in Eric Munson being inducted to the Hall of Fame as a shooting member.

State Team: Handouts from Neil to all board members. Ron will order the State Team patches/pins.

There will be a State Shoot Program status meeting April 23, 2005, 9:00am here at Kosiba’s office.

Presquad & Practice Traps: Presquad fees will remain the same as last year. Practice traps will be 9 & 10 and will be available everyday for a limited time, to be posted later. Beginning traps will be decided based on the roll of the dice each morning of the State Shoot and will be both announced and posted.

Discussion on MTA newsletter, in hopes of drumming up more registered shooters. Mark volunteered to write and pay the expenses for two newsletters to be sent out, one prior to the State Shoot and one after the State Shoot for 2005. Mark will use MTA bulk permit, for less postage expense and Ron will provide labels. Peter motioned for the Mark to do the above, David (CZ) 2nd motion, motion passed.

Discussion on Shoot Dates: 2006 State Shoot will be either July 5-10 or July 12-17. Ron will check with SD, which dates they have selected, and MN will be decided at the April meeting.

Kent motioned to adjourn, David (NZ) 2nd motion, meeting adjourned 12:30pm.