DECEMBER 1, 2007

Meeting called to order 9:30 a.m. by President Mark Zauhar

Board Members present:  Mark Zauhar, Darrel Terning, Steve Richards, Peter Falk III, Kim Krueger, Stan Durda, Neil Winston, Dave Smith, Ron Noren , and Jim Walkowiak

Board Members absent:  Glenn Vinton , Glen Lonneman, Glenn McLeod, Paul Cyr

Others Present:  Ronald Baker, Steve Schmidt

 Darrel presented the financial information of the organization.  The net profit at October 31, 2007 was $44,350.  $60,000 has been transferred into a CD.  The balance of the youth savings account was $24,598.  Discussions included the loss incurred due to the HOF banquet of $675.  Darrel reported that we bought extra meals due to the fact that we ran out of food in past years.  Darrel suggested limiting the number of tickets to 200 which would allow for better meal counts.  The board also discussed the HOF evening generated about $30,500 to help offset the youth costs and increase the youth savings. Discussions followed concerning the Prepaid Juniors amount of $1,025.  This came as a result of the Sioux Indian Shoot being discontinued and the cash balance of the checking account transferred to the MTA checkbook.  Kim motioned and Peter seconded to transfer the amount to the Junior Savings account.  All voted in favor.

Mark read the minutes of the September 2007 board meeting.

Mark presented an initiative for a youth program.  Discussion included the fact that the MTA now has a cash balance to use toward promoting youth trapshooting activities beyond just the state shoot youth day.  The MTA has adopted the SCTP format for youth shooting and needs to support clubs in promoting the SCTP program.  Kim motioned to have the MTA reimburse clubs who have a SCTP program in place up to $200 for the purchase of Educational/Training materials and to reimburse clubs $1 per qualifying round shot by SCTP participants at their respective club with a maximum to be spent for 2008 of $10,000.  Clubs need to submit copies of receipts to prove the purchase of educational/training materials and a listing of names with the scores shot to receive reimbursement to Darrel Terning.  Moneys will be paid on a first come basis.  Jim seconded the motion with all voting in favor.  Each participant is required to shoot 8 rounds of 25 under the SCTP format.  This is the max per shooter to be reimbursed.

The board discussed the financial support the MTA will provide for youth SCTP teams who attend the Grand.  Kim motioned for the MTA to pay $200 per team up to $2,400 maximum.  Proof of attendance is needed for reimbursement prior to payment.  Priority will be given to the 1st through 3rd place teams per category.  In the event more teams wish to go to the Grand and all monies have been spent, the MTA Secretary can ask for additional outside donations.  Peter seconded the vote and all voted in favor.

Mark presented potential revisions to the MTA bylaws.  Numerous revisions were made to the bylaws adopted July 14, 1984 . References to member clubs voting rights have been eliminated

Section 1.10 Quorum subsection (a) has been eliminated.  Stan motioned that 50 members shall constitute a quorum for the transactions of business at an annual or special meeting.  Jim seconded the motion.  All voted in favor with the exception of Peter who voted no.

The proposed by laws in section 3.2 (b) Numbers read as follows. “The immediate Past President of the corporation shall be an ex officio member of the Board of Directors who is not counted in the numbers of the Board of Directors; the Past President shall have voice but no vote as an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors in the affairs of the corporation.  If the President seeks and wins a second consecutive term, that person becomes both the ex-officio and President in terms of membership on the board.”  Neil motioned and Dave seconded to strike the line “If the President seeks and wins a second consecutive term, that person becomes both the ex-officio and President in terms of membership on the board.”  All voted in favor.

Discussion continued about if the ex-officio could make motions and second motions at board meetings.  It was the consensus of the board that the ex-officio can make motions and second motions.

Stan motioned and Steve seconded to have 2 year terms for officers of the organization.  All voted in favor.

Discussion followed concerning the bond requirement for the Treasurer of the organization.  As far as any current board member knew, NO bond has ever been purchased on behalf of the Treasurer.  Kim motioned and Neil seconded for the MTA to purchase a bond.  All voted in favor.  Darrel will contact the insurance agent concerning this bond and the cost.  Darrel will forward this information to the Board.

Discussion followed concerning the number of zone directors and the difficulty of the southern zone in finding new directors.  One suggestion was to have only 2 zone members elected at the zone level and the other 3 being directors at large elected at the annual meeting.  Kim motioned and Stan seconded to keep the zone directors at 3 per zone.  All voted in favor.

This concluded the discussions concerning the bylaws.  Ron B will retype the bylaws and have available at the April board meeting.

Darrel discussed the shoot date selection process and suggested that in September 2008 a meeting of all the registered clubs in Minnesota along with the senior zone director from the various zones be set to discuss the concerns and issues of the clubs.  All agreed.

Darrel then discussed the Zone and State shoot dates for 2009.  The zone dates are set for June 20-21 and the state shoot is set for July 6-12. Kim made the motion to accept the dates as stated and Stan seconded the motion.  All voted in favor.

Glenn Vinton had emailed a suggestion for the state shoot in which all traps for the Diamond Badge be started at the same time and all 50 targets would be shot on the same trap.  Mark motioned and Ron B seconded to start all 18 fields and not to have shooters shift traps for singles and handicap.  All voted in favor.

Neil discussed that once a shooter (male shooter) attains his 15 birthday, they automatically move to the 20 yard line unless they have already attained that yard line.  Female shooters would remain at the 19 yard line.

The MTA Hall of Fame nominations were presented by Neil. One shooting member and one supporting member were chosen to be inducted.  Ron Noren was the only shooting member nominated and was unanimously voted into the Hall of Fame.  Tom Townsend, Ron Baker , and Kathy Lahti were submitted for supporting members.  A paper ballot followed with Kathy Lahti being inducted.

Mark discussed applying for a “Friends of the NRA” grant.  Dave Smith was volunteered to work on the application process.

Qualifications for Minnesota State Teams were discussed.  Kim motioned and Dave seconded to amend the current qualifications.  The motion was tabled due to a lack of vote and is to be discussed at the April 2008 board meeting.

The Hall of Fame inductions will be before the youth auction at the 2008 banquet.

Dave motioned and Peter seconded to adjourn with all voting in favor.

Meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m.

Amended 12/10/07 by DT