APRIL 23, 2005

Meeting called to order 9:00 a.m.

Members present: Ron Baker, Mark Zauhar, Darrel Terning, Paul Cyr, Neil Winston, Glenn Vinton, Dennis Spurling, Kim Krueger, Peter Falk, Wally Shelstad, Jim Walkowiak, John Bacon, Dave Smith (Northern Zone)

Members Absent: Kent Griffiths, Dave Smith (Central Zone)

Trophy Committee Report: Steve Richards reported that all trophies have been ordered with the amount of money spent being under budget. 

Discussion; continued about the state team pins and patches. Glenn Vinton presents an annual bar style of pin verses the current pin. The cost was almost the same between the two pins. 
Motion: Kim Krueger, keep the annual state team pins the way they currently are and not to change 
Second: Mark Zauhar.
Passed: All BOD in voted in favor. 

Discussion: Where to order the state team pins. Express a button created the attendance pin for 2005. 
Motion: Paul Cyr, to have Express a Button create the state team pins. 
Second: Jim Walkowiak.
Passed: All BOD voted in favor. Glenn Vinton will place the order.

Discussion: Concerning the state team patches followed. The current patch is a felt patch and very expensive. Ron B. discovered a company in California that would create an all stitched patch for less cost. 
Motion: Kim Krueger, to order the sown patches.
Second: Dave Smith. 
Passed: All BOD voted in favor.

Discussion: About the “Big 50” events. Neil Winston spoke to the fact that the majority of states are waving their daily dues and are going to hold Big 50 events. 
Motion: Glenn Vinton, allow clubs in Minnesota to hold Big 50 events with NO state daily fees to be charged and NO $50 club fee for 2005 for clubs who currently do not throw any other ATA targets. 
Second: Dennis Spurling.
Passed: All BOD voted in favor. 
Discussion followed about allowing clubs to have a “blanket” application for Big 50 events that would be sent to Darrel Terning to submit to the ATA for all Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays throughout the summer. Neil Winston did not see any problems with this style of application. 

Discussion: Jim Walkowiak presented a possible by-law change to allow the MTA BOD the right to arbitrate clubs who have shoot date conflicts. Jim read letters from Forest Lake and Metro gun clubs in favor of a by-law change. The BOD did not vote on a by-law change no motion.
Motion: Peter Falk, the MTA MUST arbitrate shoot date selection date conflicts.
Second: Mark Zauhar
Passed: All BOD voted in favor. 

Motion: Paul Cyr, a committee consisting of ONE director from each zone (the director who has been on the Board of Directors the longest) will arbitrate the conflicts. 
Second: Jim Walkowiak 
Passed: All BOD voted in favor.

Discussion: The BOD discussed when the Member Clubs shoot dates should be submitted. 
Motion: Kim Krueger, all shoot dates presented to the State Secretary by 9/1 each year for the up coming target year.
Second: Dave Smith
Passed: All BOD voted in favor.

Discussion: The shoot work schedule was discussed with a work schedule given to Kim Krueger for the number of staff ASP will need to hire. On Tuesday, ASP will not have anybody at the squad boards and one cashier. The rest of the week will follow the same schedule as 2004. Discussion concerning pay levels followed. Trap line workers will receive $7/hr, score checker $7/hr, Vicky and Julie receiving $12/hr. 
All BOD in favor.

Discussion: Ron B. presented on token operated devices that would operated the practice trap and decrease the number of line worker ASP would need to hire. 
Motion: Jim Walkowiak, The MTA purchase 2 token operated devices from Lite Release, LLC, for the practice traps and an additional 300 tokens.
Second: Mark Zauhar. 
Passed: All BOD voted in favor.

The Board of Directors reviewed the 2005 State Shoot program. Jim Walkowiak will submit corrections to the printer on Monday 4-25-05. 

The MTA Newsletter was discussed by the BOD. Mark Zauhar will have it printed and mailed to the general membership.

Discussion: Mark Zauhar presented and motioned the need for the MTA to have a mission statement. 
Motion: Mark Zauhar
Second Jim Walkowiak
Passed: All BOD voting in favor. BOD members are asked to bring suggestions to the next meeting.

Discussion: Remington Arms donated a gun for the MTA to raffle at the state shoot. The board of directors then discussed the need to have more than one item on the raffle. Mark Zauhar will donate a Remington 22 caliber riffle. Glenn Vinton, Glenwood Sportsman club, Wally Shelstad, Minneapolis Gun Club, Dennis Spurling, Owatonna Gun Club, Ron Baker all to donate 1 flat of shells each with the MTA to contribute 2 flats of shells.
Motion: Paul Cyr, motioned to have 500 raffle tickets printed.

Second: Mark Zauhar

Passed: All BOD voting in favor

Discussion: Voice pulls will be rented for the state shoot. 
Motion: Kim Krueger, to rent the voice releases
Second: Glenn Vinton 
Passed: All BOD voted in favor.

Motion: Paul Cyr, to adjourn the meeting
Second: Wally Shelstad
Passed: All BOD voted in favor.

Meeting adjourned 3:15 p.m.
The next BOD meeting will be held at the Deltone/Luth Gun Club on June 4, 2005 between events 1 & 2.